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If you want to transport cash or valuable goods safely and without risk from A to B, then we are your trustworthy and competent partner for value and money transports.

Whether it's carrying money with notes or coins, precious metals, securities, watches, jewelery, data carriers or confidential documents, we transport your valuable goods discreetly and reliably to their intended destination.

Through our many years of experience, we minimize the risks for all involved.

We carry out money transports as well as all other value transports on a regular basis and according to prescribed routes or individually as required.

Our vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art engine technology and the latest safety standards, which are constantly updated according to economic, ecological and safety criteria.

Your advantages:

• Risk minimization for your employees
• Flexible order execution: on a regular basis or as needed
• Discrete appearance of our specially trained employees
• Comprehensive insurance coverage of your assets
• Competent advice in all matters relating to value logistics


As a service provider in the security sector, we have made it our mission to be up-to-date every day so
that we are better today than yesterday