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The competent fulfillment of the individual tasks and orders in the security area requires a sound safety education. We offer various education and training modules for training in the field of safety. After intensive training by our experienced and nationally and internationally recognized motivated training team, which comes from the practice of Russian special forces, you too can learn to react and behave correctly in sensitive situations. This is important in the tactical, psychological as well as in the communicative area to acquire and develop. So that you can recognize, assess and successfully deal with them in any conflicts that may arise or in the future execution of your assignments.

Our training offers are always geared towards the goal of the area to be pursued in the future in the wide-ranging profession of the security spectrum. For example, a member of staff in the field of plant protection must meet a different requirement profile than an employee from the area of ​​personal and escort protection. Because of this, we carry out certain modules through regular exchange programs of instructors and apprentices with our partners in Russia.

Our training is divided into many different modules, with great care being taken to ensure that every trainee is cared for and trained as personally as possible, especially in the practical parts of the training, in order to build on the specific skills of an individual, underlining them and maximizing them To transform potential for each area into professionalism.

Mental preparation of eventual confrontation
• The procedure for use
• Self-protection and teamwork

Psychology "how do I work"
• Posture, facial expressions, gestures
• Preventing stress

Jurisprudence (legal texts Switzerland) with case studies
• Self-defense / self-help
• omission of emergency aid
• Emergency
• Victim protection: victims helpless (failure to provide emergency aid)

Our goals of the courses include
• No injuries
• Strengthen legal bases: self-defense, emergency and omission of emergency aid
• Practical instructions
• Stand, movement, step and foot techniques
• Operating principles, purpose
• Service with the handgun
• Disarmament
• Tactical running (foot escort) outside and inside control in the team
• Injuries and the damage
• Self-defense (Russian fighting techniques)
• Practical realistic exercises
• driver training / vehicle escort (carworking)
• apron reconnaissance (analyze)
• dealing with the customers
• Behavior in emergency situations
• evacuation
• Mental strategies
• industry knowledge

Further and detailed information about our training programs is available on request. Please use the contact form

As a service provider in the security sector, we have made it our mission to be up-to-date every day so
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