Personal and escort protection

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We look after you in the private sector or on business trips, appointments and events. Before each order, we familiarize ourselves thoroughly with the local conditions and routes and develop a detailed operational plan for your escort. Whether motorized or on foot, covered or open, armed or unarmed.

The entire service includes as needed armored vehicles of all classes. We leave nothing to chance and you benefit from our many years of experience, as well as the training of our Russian special forces, which protect you and your family in public. Discretion and confidentiality are our top priority.

People who are in public life (such as singers, actors), but also business people from all levels of the economy, as well as politicians, are at increased risk. At events, we gladly take over the complete security area.

Thus, we combine our experienced and coordinated forces from the event and personal protection, in order to provide as effectively as possible the maximum security at public events. We ensure a smooth interaction of all strategic and tactical measures and all direct or indirect participants and cooperate closely with the security forces of the authorities.

Personal protection in everyday business
• Escort on the way to work and business travel
• in the office or on occasions
Personal protection at events
• secure premises
• People and access controls
• Transfers airport / hotel
• VIP service

As a service provider in the security sector, we have made it our mission to be up-to-date every day so
that we are better today than yesterday