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In this area, we attach great importance to understanding and responsible forces who have a self-assured and authoritative appearance. Our clients include e.g. Clubs, discotheques, shopping malls or medium and small shops.
For this service, we recruit specially trained staff who can identify dangerous situations early and act promptly. Here, too, professionalism and efficient intervention with the minimum attention of other customers is top priority.
Our employees adapt to your company not only by their outward appearance, but also by their courtesy towards their customers and employees. All of our task forces have years of experience and are trained to provide a safe atmosphere by performing below listed services

• current legislation regarding self-defense rights and duties
• Social skills
• communication
• Protection of guests / customers / staff
• De-escalation
• admission and passport controls
• Body and pocket controls

As a service provider in the security sector, we have made it our mission to be up-to-date every day so
that we are better today than yesterday