Detective agency

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Surveillance. Detective agency.
The covert observation and investigation by our detectives provide evidence or decision support in private, criminal or civil litigation.

• personnel control
For example, if you want to clarify differences in cash flow statements and inventories, or increase thefts in your business, or if an employee has disclosed trade secrets or abused trusts, you will be screened for the perpetrator's environment.
• industrial and economic detectives
Due to globalization and the resulting economic consequences, industrial concerns and companies are increasingly confronted with plagiarism and copyright issues. Often, even a company's survival depends on the punishment or omission of such offenses.
A specialized economic detective has far greater opportunities and opportunities to act against the use of counterfeit products or copyright infringement than the owners themselves. In addition, economically trained detectives can investigate contentious personnel matters, detect competition violations, or unlawfully pass on product secrets determine.
• Marriage and partnership matters
Has the trust in your relationship been lost and you suspect that you are being betrayed? Your personal contact is dedicated to your case with a great deal of empathy and the greatest possible discretion to check facts that are not obvious or are even deliberately obscured by the other person.

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