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Personal and escort protection

We look after you in the private sector or on business trips, appointments and events. Before each order, we familiarize ourselves thoroughly with the local conditions and routes and develop a detailed operational plan for your escort. Whether motorized or on foot, covered or open, armed or unarmed...

Property protection and guarding

In this responsible activity, we address the needs and wishes of our clients. We guard from large corporations to shopping centers, medium and small businesses to private properties.Our teams are available to assist you in all security-related issues, such as security analysis and consulting, right...

Event Security

For an event of any size, security is an indispensable part of today.Already at the entrance we receive and control your guests exactly according to your ideas and wishes.Thanks to our communication technology, we are able to react immediately to incidents and are always in contact with you as the...


In this area, we attach great importance to understanding and responsible forces who have a self-assured and authoritative appearance. Our clients include e.g. Clubs, discotheques, shopping malls or medium and small shops.For this service, we recruit specially trained staff who can identify...


If you want to transport cash or valuable goods safely and without risk from A to B, then we are your trustworthy and competent partner for value and money transports.Whether it's carrying money with notes or coins, precious metals, securities, watches, jewelery, data carriers or confidential...

Detective agency

Surveillance. Detective agency.The covert observation and investigation by our detectives provide evidence or decision support in private, criminal or civil litigation.• personnel controlFor example, if you want to clarify differences in cash flow statements and inventories, or increase thefts...


The competent fulfillment of the individual tasks and orders in the security area requires a sound safety education. We offer various education and training modules for training in the field of safety. After intensive training by our experienced and nationally and internationally recognized...

IT Security

In addition to the physical integrity of our customers, we also offer the protection of your IT infrastructure. Be it security against unwanted eavesdropping, illegal tracking by GPS or protection of proprietary or personal IT infrastructure from intruders: we can provide security for all this...

Security Consulting

We take care of all safety-related services for our customers. We are happy to advise you on upcoming assignments. Among other things, our core competence is to create security concepts for Your future projects. The wide range of experience in our services as well as our competent employees and...

As a service provider in the security sector, we have made it our mission to be up-to-date every day so
that we are better today than yesterday