About us

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As a medium-sized company with a cultural Russian background, we attach particular importance to the personal commitment and abilities of each individual. That's why we create a work environment at all levels and in all areas that empowers and motivates our employees to achieve their best. Here, goals and tasks are clearly communicated, structures and processes are clearly defined, achievements are duly acknowledged and skills are promoted.

In our work, we follow very high quality standards to ensure the safety of our customers to the best of their knowledge and belief. Our concept of quality not only includes the product quality but also the quality of the relationship. After all, communication is a deciding factor for successful work - even beyond purely organizational agreements. After all, our work is always about people and their basic needs - safety!

Gyrfos Swiss Protection empowers its employees to be part of a strong community that they can rely on and trust in their skills and commitment. Thus, the personal development through regular training and further education which are carried out internally in cooperation with our national and international partners in theory and practice is an important building block of our company. This gives every single member of the team the security and confidence he needs for his responsible work - which he then passes on to our customers as collateral.

In addition to physical security, we are equally concerned with legal security and financial security through our partners, so we cover all security needs from a single source.
To work together for success, this will determines our overall attitude - in cooperation with our customers as well as in dealing with our employees. We work every day to ensure that our customers, partners and employees are convinced of us and feel in good hands with us.

After a detailed and free consultation we create for you a detailed offer that is tailored to your individual needs. The intensive consultation of our customers in the run-up to the assignment as well as during the entire order period are important performance elements for us